John Barnes Book Doctoring Rate Sheet

Rate sheet for John Barnes, book doctor with an exciting new program

A free pamphlet that tells you 1) that I'm a book doctor, 2) what book doctors traditionally do, 3) about my new Dream to Pro program, and 4) what I charge.

I'm John Barnes, and I'm a highly experienced book doctor: a person who takes a good book (or a book with a good idea) and gives it the professional polish it needs. I work almost entirely with fiction.
Traditionally book doctors were paid for by publishers or agents to save a book that a client hadn't been able properly to bring all the way to publishability, and very often to teach the author how to do that for future books. Such book doctoring work has mostly dried up.

I've recently created a new program which I call Dream to Pro that is about taking the novel you always wanted to write, and have written one or more drafts of, and getting it the rest of the way to professional.

This is my rate sheet: a description of what I offer and what you can get for what price.

There's also a fairly lengthy explanation of Dream to Pro, and why it is probably only for a special kind of writer in special circumstances.

When you click the button to order it, you will fill out a form and give your email; a download link for the rate list will be sent to you. Your name will not be added to any mailing lists without your consent, and YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANYTHING AT ALL, IT'S FREE LIKE ANY SALES PAMPHLET.

So please feel free to take a look, and for that matter to pass it around to your friends (the link gives you 5 download attempts).

Thanks for looking!

John Barnes

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